An Invitation to the Tunnel Hill Family

Today, I’d like to extend an invitation to join our family.   Now I’m not talking about the rougher side of farm life – the endless weeding, patching up old tractors, or the occasional rodeo when the cows get loose.   No, this is about the finer side of being in an agrarian family – sneak peaks of upcoming vintages, special parties with great wine and food, good deals on everything from wine to heirloom tomatoes, and a chance to get intimate with grape growing and wine making.

Sound fun?  I hope so, because this year we are kicking our wine club into high gear.   Do you already enjoy our wines?  Do you like our style?  Do you want to support a farm family with four-generations of deep Chelan roots?  Then you may be a great candidate for the club. 

The format is simple:  each spring after bottling, you receive four wines, including the new vintages not yet available to the public.  We can ship them, or you can pick up at the spring party in May.  Imagine a warm night, apple blossom, barrel tasting, family only event – a chance to see old friends and make new ones.  Then, the cycle repeats once again in the fall.   You’ll receive four wines in September and receive an invitation to the fall wine club party.  These fall parties are not to be missed.  Crisp air, a nip or two from the new vintages already bubbling in the tanks, and a meal featuring all that our farm, The Sunshine Farm, can offer in the fall.  Which is to say, quite a feast!

If that isn’t enough, any time you stop into the winery, you and your guests enjoy free tastings, discounts on bottles of wine, even bigger discounts on cases, and for all the loyal Sunshine Farm Market customers reading today – 10 % off any and all purchases.  (See, don’t you feel like a member of the family already?)

Here at Tunnel Hill, we have a tradition of doing things well, doing things right, and doing right by those who help us along the way.  In short, we like to build community as we build our farm and winery businesses.  Certainly it is hard work, but it is authentic, soulful work that never leaves me lacking for a sense of purpose.  If you’d like to rub elbows with this world, to sit at a big table and hear stories about the old days in Chelan, to imagine years to come, or if you just want to enjoy a good estate Syrah as the sun sets, then be sure to sign up for the club.

I’d like to invite you to join our family

I hope you will.  We have a good time.

Michelle Fanton